It is the story of a man and his daughters and their shared heartfelt passion for wine.
We are in Cologne Bresciano, in the heart of the Franciacorta area, where in 1960 Nelson Cenci, doctor, writer, ex-officer of the Alpine troops and survivor of the Russian retreat, bought a seventeenth century farmhouse, renovated it and began recovering the vines around it and planting new ones. He also restored and extended the cellar in order to make his wines with passion and dedication. “Wine is the poetry of the earth”, wrote Mario Soldati and the house is home to this experience. Today, his daughters Giuliana and Maria Grazia run the winery alongside their father, where they have been producing wines with character for over thirty years, paying attention to every detail, the countryside, the harvest, the vinification and the slow maturation of the wine in bottle.


They own almost six hectares and grow three grape varieties: Chardonnay, in various clones, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir. The total quantity of wine produced for a given year is 60.000 bottles. The range of Franciacorta wines: the Satèn, Brut and Vintage Brut are the outcome of a refined artisan work. Deep in the varietal expression, with long and fresh aromas, lively and bright in the yellow-opalescent appearance, they slowly reveal themselves with elegance, character and personality. Curtefranca Bianco, Curtefranca Rosso e Ritorno IGT Rosso Sebino make the full range.