The farm Bellavista has an area of ​​190 hectares, located in ten municipalities of Franciacorta, for a total of 107 plots of land equivalent to one hundred and seven vineyards , all uniquely appointed and hence a production of 1,300,000 bottles.
Much, if not all, depends on the skilled labor and techniques used in the processing of the grapes. Not a single harvest , but the harvest separated according to the exposure of the vineyard. Each load of crushed is pressed five times to obtain the same number of subdivisions must. Only the first three pigiature are used to produce the Franciacorta . And then 1,200 pieces , small 228 liter barrels for the fermentation of musts : the youngest were 7 years old, older than twenty . Each year , Bellavista winery has about 100 selections, the raw material from which to create the great cuvée.
As part of the business property , it should be signaled an old vineyard at the foot din a convent , which is now the tradition gives rise to a pure Chardonnay , called the Holy Convent of the Annunciation . The fermentation takes place in small oak barrels for 12 months and the wine , bottled the second spring after the harvest , rest for another year in the bottle. There are many wines like this that fail to convey the essence of a place , restoring the landscape through time and feelings .


Nature reinvents itself every day. Life is a constant invention.
Only by listening to the silence can we understand the soil, the water, the air  and the light while they create life. Only in the silence of our vineyards  can we renew the inspiration of our wines, the Bellavista wines.