The Region

Since ancient times the Campania is known for wines of excellent quality as Falerno, Greek, Faustiniano the Caleno, considered the ‘Wines of the Emperors’ and praised by the greatest classical writers: Cicero, Pliny, Martial, Tibullus. These wines have found in this region their area of choice, thanks to the characteristics of the area and the sophisticated techniques of cultivation and winemaking. The Campania region in Italy is the third to have more after the DOCG Piemonte and Tuscany. Currently, in fact, is produced within 21 DOC wines, among which the three DOCG: Fiano di Avellino, Greek di Tufo
and Taurasi found on the territory of Irpinia. Irpinia is a land full of vineyards.
The territory is divided into two sides of the Apennine ridge, the ‘Tyrrhenian’ and ‘Adriatic’, has unique characteristics which, although variable from area to area, make the prestigious vineyards. Aglianico, Fiano and Greek, traditional varieties are more represented in this area and constitute the productive base of the three DOCG wines: Taurasi, prince of the red wines of the South, Fiano di Avellino and Greek di Tufo , two white wines from the unique scent. These are three of the highest quality wine production, so as to constitute the only DOCG Southern Italy. The area of production of Aglianico mainly coincides with the hills flanking the river Heat, while the Fiano and Greek are grown on the hills near the river Saturday.

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