Tenuta Cavalier Pepe is located in the hearth of docg Campania Wines, Luogosano, Sant’Angelo all’Esca and Taurasi. The Estate grows 40 hectares of vineyards and 1o of oliveyards, mainly a special local cultivar named Ravece, Terroir lies on slopes of 350 to 500 mt. above sea level. vineyards’ exposure is mainly S/SE Soils are clay like with calcareous and melt sandy layers. Microclimate shows with sunny summers and cold winters . Average ventilation is good. Autumn temperature excursions brings to slow ripening of Aglianico, so leading to late harvests, usually between mid October and first half of November. All red wines as well as Coda di Volpe grapes, are exclusively grown from company own vineyards. Milena Pepe and family personally take care of vines growing, in cooperation with professionals. The main estate’s goal is to produce quality grapes in order to obtain quality wines with moderate yelds and limited soils treatments.


Brand new Winery House is almost finished; it has been projected to be a good link between past and future and to be an example of all Campania’s excellence. Technical level and quality control are quite high and constant in all production stages from vineyard to bottle, also in order of achieving product traceability. A guided tour of our vineyards and winery in different situations will help you to understand local landscape, production cycle and wines through a presentation and tasting. Pay a visit to Tenuta Cavalier Pepe . We will be happy to take you through the vineyards of Aglianico and Coda di Volpe, followed by technical explanation in vinification area located on estate’s basement.