Terzini originated in the lands of Tocco da Casauria (PE), a small town on the hills between the Morrone and Majella mountains, two of the pricipal massifs of the Appennino Abruzzese. The location near the gorges and the proximity to the mountains cause the dry, mild and windy climate of this valley, with a significant temperature range from day to night, perfect for viticulture.

The land from which we get our grapes is rich of streams, forests, and wildlife often coming from the nearby Regional Park.


We were born and raised in this green and generous land that has taught us to live a healthy and active life, respecting both man and nature. Even though wine is not a therapeutic drink, it is our belief that drinking in moderation and drinking wine made with care can contribute to our nourishment. In a convivial context, wine helps with good humor and sociability at table. As recent studies have confirmed, a glass of good wine with meals has no negative impact on the body and can be pleasing to add to ones daily dining experience. In the right amounts, sport and wine are also a winning combination. In the bottles that we present, the fruits of both our ideas and our vines, one finds the characteristics and the flavors typical of this place that express our passion and our nature. We always recommend not to drink to much and not to drink and drive.