The Region

The Puglia region of southern Italy for the first extension , occupies the eastern part of the Italian territory. And ‘ wet for more than 800 kilometers from the sea and is mostly flat and hilly .
From north to south one another conformation for different areas of the territory and economy . The Gargano is rich in vegetation , is the maximum altitude of Apulia, It ‘ a great rocky promontory that , on the one hand , down to the sea , forming steep rugged coastline , on the other hand , gently sloping coastal lakes .
The Gameboard is a wide plain , the largest central-southern Italy ; is largely cultivated with wheat. The central area of Puglia is taken from the dry plateau of the Murgia . The extreme southern end is instead formed by the undulating land of Salento.
The land of Puglia, very permeable , let infiltrate rainwater and the rivers. They are formed as interesting underground caves ( Grotte di Castellana) and streams flowing underground.

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