Valente Farm is situated in a resort called “Sessanta”, in the middle of Tavoliere of Apulia.
We have been cultivating our land with vegetables and cereals for 50 years old.
The fruits of our work are totally destined to the transformation. Thanks to our good area, very reach from the enogastronomic point of view, we have decided to get back old recipe from local rural tradition. Indeed, it is very important to overwork what the land offers, to obtain a delicious preserve. This is a tradition born and handed on from father to son, so an important value in our farmlands.

Valente Farm uses traditional methods of cultivation and transformation.
These methods guarantee the maintenance and the restoration of the organic substances, providing the fertility of the land which is very important to obtain a high quality product.
The tomato is planted at the beginning of spring. It developes, enjoying favourable temperatures and the sun of Zapponeta.
The tomatoes are handpicked at the end of August, they are immediately transformed and preserved in a glass container to maintain its high quality.
Valente’s tomato is the natural fruit of a plant cultivated without external help.
The method of biological cultivation guarantee a high digestibility.

Valente tomato sauce and peeled tomatoes have got the good and genuine taste of the home-made things.
Thanks to experience of my family about the tradition of the tomato sauce , tired of poor quality products which have probably a doubtful origin, sure that it is very important eat well everyday, I have decided to create a range of products which has the good taste of the home-made things and which is very important for my three children”.
The tomato sauce and the peeled tomatoes are only made with Apulian tomatoes, cultivated by the family farm situated in Zapponeta (Fg), with soils, handpicked when they become ripe, selected and controlled, pasteurized and packed within 24 hours.