The roots of the Azienda Agricola Barale Fratelli reach back to distant 1870, soon after Barolo wine made its appearance in the Langhe thanks to the work of the Falletti Marquis and of Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour. It was Cavour who invited French enologist Louis Oudart to the Langhe in order to develop an innovative style of winemaking suited to the Nebbiolo grape, which gave birth to modern Barolo production. Francesco Barale was among the pioneers of this fortunate wine. The first traces of the Barale family in Barolo date to a 1600 parochial register. They owned vineyards in the Castellero, Cannubi, Preda and Costa di Rose zones. Today Sergio Barale, with his daughters Eleonora and Gloria, continue the family’s centuries-old experience of wine production. The cellar has embraced new technologies, always with the aim to increase the quality of Barolo and other typical wines from these hills. Nonetheless, today as in the past, the character of wines is forged in the vineyard through assiduous manual labor. The processes of vinification and ageing merely maintain the equilibrium of the fruit’s components, with the aim of producing harmonious wines, readily recognizable in their organoleptic qualities as true to the grape varietal and the zone of origin “It’s in the deep soil which emerged from the sea millions of years ago, during the Miocene epoch, that precious microelements are jealously kept. Microelements which make our wines unique in the world, albeit immensely different in nuance and curiosity from hill to hill.” – Sergio Barale.


Our heraldic crest is over a century old, and has been enriched by numerous medals won in international fairs since the late 1800s. This historic brand seals the continuity with tradition expressed above all in our company’s classic wines. Barolo and Barbaresco come from the best-exposed vineyards of the area and most of the vineyards are more than forty years old; in the Castellero vineyard old Nebbiolo clones Michet and Rosè can still be found.In the historic underground cellars, a delicate
hand and time are the essential instruments to preserve the quality of these wines.


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