Since 1891, our family has continued to produce quality wines.
We are closely connected with the history of the terroir that we live in and we have always followed our traditions, which have focused on growing the best and finest selection of grapes in our vineyards and displaying their quality and character in our bottles of wine, offered in both the Italian and International markets. Our daily commitment for this work is laborious, yet very fulfilling.
We wish to continue and develop what the family has built with passion from more than 120 years of history.

In 1891 Giovanni Cossetti began a business that would soon prove prosperous, changing the family farm into a winery. As a land of excellent wines, full of history and well recognised by end of the nineteenth century, Monferrato was an excellent wine-growing area from which the family, with its deep rooted ties to the area, established its philosophy of quality.
It was Clemente, son of the founder, who would begin to make his wines known throughout Italy and abroad in the 1920s. Sons Giovanni and Mario in the following decades consolidated the business in all its aspects, from vineyard and cellar to marketing.
It is now the family’s fourth generation who enthusiastically continue a history toward the future, beginning with the right balance of tradition and innovation, attention to developments in the market and above all in the tastes of those who love fine wine and its most distinguished terroirs.


The San Colombano farm is at the heart of the attention and care that the Cossetti family gives to the quality of its grapes. The vineyards are located in Castelnuovo Belbo. They are more than 30 years old on average, with low production yields that result in excellent grape characteristics.
The predominant variety is the Barbera, with smaller vineyards of Chardonnay, Cortese and Dolcetto. Exposure ranges from south to southeast, with clayey terrain of medium texture and some iron and magnesium content.
The area has been known historically as one of the most ideal areas to produce the best Barbera d’Asti, in the highly esteemed Nizza sub-area that represents the pinnacle of quality of this wine, through strict production regulations that call for long ageing in barrels and bottles after careful selection of harvest.
The other grapes that are used to create wines under the Cossetti label come from the greatly esteemed crus, in vineyards planted in the most favourable positions and terrain in Asti and in the best wine-producing areas in Piedmont: Langhe, Roero and Gavi.


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