The story of our winery is also the story of a family whose roots are firmly set in Dogliani, a village in the Langhe where wine-growing has been established for centuries.
From great-grandfather Francesco through grandpa Luigi and then Aldo and Bruna, the long-standing attachment of the Marenco family to working the land has known no interruption, and the vine and wine continue to be the focus of the business today with me, Claudio, at the helm. Since the 1970s wine-growing has gained the upper hand over other crops, with more acres planted with vines and improvements in winery technology. We have never abandoned our love for the countryside and respect for nature though, seeking out the finest positions for our vineyards and avoiding unnecessary forcing and treatments. And since 1991 this constant care to green farming has been rewarded with organic farming certification, now issued by BIOAGRICERT.
Today our estate extends over 25 hectares of land, 12 of which are given over to vines (Dolcetto, Barbera and Favorita) on the “Madonna delle Grazie” cru, at an average altitude of 400-450 m a.s.l. The fragrant fine wines we obtain – all with Denomination of Origin status – bear the names of the vineyards they are grown on. In all we produce around 70-80,000 carefully controlled bottles a year for a select market of importers, restaurants, wine stores, wine bars, specialist shops and private customers throughout the world.


They own almost six hectares and grow three grape varieties: Chardonnay, in various clones, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir. The total quantity of wine produced for a given year is 60.000 bottles. The range of Franciacorta wines: the Satèn, Brut and Vintage Brut are the outcome of a refined artisan work. Deep in the varietal expression, with long and fresh aromas, lively and bright in the yellow-opalescent appearance, they slowly reveal themselves with elegance, character and personality. Curtefranca Bianco, Curtefranca Rosso e Ritorno IGT Rosso Sebino make the full range.