The Vaudano family is based in Cisterna d’Asti since at least four centuries: the two brothers, Teobaldo and Guglielmo, moved from Alto Piemonte and established their roots in this area. Simple people, families of farmers, which in our hills means winegrowers, they indissolubly bonded their life to this territory. In mid 1930 Enrico e Matteo Vaudano, sons of Giacomo “Gaggìe”, started the production and the aging of wine from the local grapes. With the passing of time, Giacomino, Bruno and Ugo, sons of Enrico and his wife Matilde, joined the farm united by their common love for this splendid corner of Piedmont. The winery now produces a selection of wines, of remarkable quality: the production is focused on the traditional grapes: Arneis, Nebbiolo and Barbera.
Particular attention is given to the Croatina grapes which come from the vineyard of Piccaliera and Roche; they are among the most advocated of Cisterna d’Asti and are used for the production of Cisterna d’Asti D.O.C. wine Dragone.