When Luigi Dattilo was a boy, following his passion for truffles, he went around woods looking for this precious fruit of the earth, always respecting completely the natural environment that was around him, and he couldn’t imagine that this would have become his job. But, as in every natural path, working with determination and enthusiasm together with his brother Angelo, he built a company that today, from Savigno, a territory vocated and renowned for truffle, where the traditional Italian cuisine is still alive commercializes all over the world high quality fresh truffles. Next to the fresh truffle there is a product line branded Appennino Funghi e Tartufi various and versatile, all strictly without artificial flavourings.

The company philosophy remains the original one: combine the people experience and passion into an accurate selection of raw material with the innovation and research to guarantee high quality standards and the possibility to choose always new products.


Truffle decides to grow only in territories with a perfect balance, in fact only certain places in italy can boast the growth of truffle.

Our territory is one of these places: the samoggia valley with its heart, savigno. Territoriality is a very important value for us and for this reason we decided to set up our new company in savigno that is one of the italian cities where the national festival of white truffle is recognized. The valley extends south west of bologna, and it shows to visitors its wide lawns alternated with woods scattered with rural houses, bell towers and the typical tower houses in a natural context still uncontaminated.