The story of Tenuta Mara began on a day in which a man who had already experienced many shades of success decided to embark on a new adventure, dedicating this adventure to his wife Mara.
“It was my desire from the very beginning to give the wine estate my wife’s name, because she has always given me her valuable support in all the adventures in my life.”
Tenuta Mara is not just a simple Vineyard, but a complex and complete organism because from the beginning it has adopted the holistic principles of biodynamic agriculture.


We chose our land at the beginning of the year 2000. Then we waited for 5 years: the time the land requested to become Tenuta Mara, a vineyard of 4, 5 hectares exposed towards the sweet sunshine of Romagna, in the province of Rimini. An area near the small hilltop village of San Clemente, dedicated to a great Italian wine: Sangiovese.

Approximately 1.750 m2 dedicated to grapes, wine and to those who appreciate its taste, perfume and history. We have studied with great attention the temperature and the light of all the premises, creating the ideal environment for each phase of transformation. But that’s not all; we have also created premises to welcome those who wish to visit us.