Agricola Molino



The sunsets of the hill Ausario have the colors of passion, water, wind and sun …. The vineyards take strength from these elements, producing a result of graceful melody, that our work and dedication  proudly turns into wine, the last enchanting step of the nature.


The vineyards give the tastes and perfumes of a region. The lands of Agricola Molino have unique features and cover about twelve hectares in the communes of Treiso, Guarene, Alba and Costigliole d’Asti. They were purchased over several years and represent the stage for top quality performances.
Innovation has always been crucial: green harvesting has been carried out since the 90s, as well as the oxygenation of the roots through the harrowing of the soil and not using mineral fertilizers in the soil. The health of the plant, its leaves and physiology have been maintained only through the use of leaf fertilizers, showing regard for the environment and the natural cycles. All these methods enable the respect of the natural growth of the plant, contributing to the development of genuine grapes.
It is a simple but effective working method: respect for the vine to obtain grapes that produce wine with a low content of sulphites, a typical feature of quality wines.
It is a conviction and a challenge, which will lead to the production of wines with no sulphites at all in the coming years.